January 2nd, 2018


A year's-worth of writing

Poems:Timestamps for 5 Ways Things Might Have Gone Off the Rails [SPN]:

  • Arsonist's Song timestamp - Occasionally he can admit to himself that killing Ruby might have been a mistake.

  • Work Song timestamp - Dean doesn't eat, just drinks whiskey like clear cold water.

  • In a Week timestamp - It takes a week for Sam to realize no reaper's coming for them: a week of Dean being too obsessed with the damage being inflicted on the Impala's interior to really notice that, well, they're dead, and it looks like this time it's going to stick.

Evil That Walks Invisible [SPN AU], a joint project with zmediaoutlet:

  • In a Cursed Hour, prologue and chapters 1-2 - He sat, and waited. Low sounds came from behind the door, and for a few seconds there was a sharp smell of sage smoke, and then a burst of sound as the chanting grew quite loud. His stomach rolled, slowly, and he sat very straight against the window with his hands on his knees. He recited the Sura Al-Falaq to himself, and the names of the thirty-three gods of the Vedic tradition, and then he visualized the exact working of the spell to incapacitate a cockatrice, and then before he knew it the door swung open again, and he found himself on his feet as Ted said, “Mr. Winchester?” He didn’t know where Josie had gone, and his nerves were no better, but he swallowed, and nodded, and then he walked through the door to finally earn the right to his father’s legacy.

  • Ship In Harbor - Sam could drown in the cornfields, he thinks sometimes.

  • Merry and Bright - Lebanon wasn't really the home of Christmas cheer to begin with and living in a hidden underground bunker didn't help, but Dean had never been daunted by any of that.

  • Patience on a Monument - The thing is, in the 22 years since they moved to the bunker, Dean’s never known dad to be late for anything, so for the first day he actually thinks he’s misreading the calendar.

Something Sweet [SPN] - "I'm pretty sure the only food in the fridge is that leftover Thai that we both decided was too spicy to finish."

Technicolor Pachyderms [SPN] - 900 Amelia Richardsons. 12,000 Amelia Richardsons!

At Very Long Last [SGA] - Rodney waits--25 years, 48 millenia, 12 days.

Lost and Found [mythology] - For some reason Demeter comes to Hera during her campaign to get Persephone back.

Moveables [SPN] - Once upon a time, there was a boy named Sam who had a laptop. It was the fastest, bestest laptop in the world, and Sam loved it very much.

Skydiving [SGA] - “Well, here goes,” John said, a slightly manic gleam to his eyes that Rodney recognized a moment after it was too late.

Wildlife Encounters [SPN] - In the future, Dean will look back and be able to acknowledge that two months of nothing but milk-runs had made them sloppy, and sooner or later a hunt was bound to go sideways on them.

Delivery Service [SPN] - The thing is, Dean's a complete pushover when it comes to kids.

For the Relief of Various Symptoms [SPN] - Dean gets sick; even after all these years, Sam is not immune.