December 13th, 2017


Things I love about SPN s11

  1. Guys, I really really REALLY love this season. Just ... so much. If s10 is what won me over again, s11 is what got me to settle in for the long haul. It's pretty much dead even with s2 as my favorite, and that's quite a feat.

  2. There are so many episode that I've rewatched a lot. "Baby", obviously, but also the opening two-parter, and "Thin Lizzie", and "Plush", "Just My Imagination", "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" "The Devil's in the Details", "Don't You Forget About Me", "Love Hurts", "The Vessel", "Beyond the Mat", "Safe House", "Red Meat", "Don't Call Me Shurley" ... really, every episode has at least a couple of scenes that I've found myself returning to. Man--just a stellar season all around.

  3. I love how much Sam and Dean communicate with each other this season--sure, they both hesitate, or keep secrets for a few episodes, but they also voluntarily share those secrets. When Sam's struggling, Dean's there to shore him up--when it's Dean's turn to struggle, Sam's ready to support him as needed. They're just such a solid team, it's a joy to watch.

  4. Episodes like "Baby" and "The Vessel" showcase the versatility the show's capable of, despite the small budget and tight shooting schedule. Camerawork on the one hand, and set-building on the other. Both are absolutely gorgeous in addition to being excellently-written (and acted) stories.

  5. The debut of "Shaving People, Punting Things" was also a real treat, especially given how very misguided the network promos for the show have been at times. Here are my two favorites from s11:

  6. Emily Swallow as Amara was excellent--she took what could have been a disappointing downgrade from the mysterious "Darkness" of the previous season and turned the character into someone worthy of both fear and compassion. And I have to give her extra points for playing the role of the Amara-shaped qareen in such a way that it was very clearly not Amara, just something that looked like her.

  7. Dean solving the season's Problem by simply talking to Amara was great--such a neat way to change up the usual season finale showdow.

  8. Seriously, I could go point by point through each episode and bore you all to tears, but there are so many scenes that I love in the season, but--Sam and Dean in jammies, Sam and Dean singing in the car again (for the sheer joy of it, this time), Dean's little joking callback to s9 about how Sam's no longer a virgin, the writers finding a way to finally putting to rest the ghosts of early s8, just about everying in "The Vessel" (Dean resorting to beer for breakfast because there's nothing else to drink except water! <3 ), and I'm going to stop there because otherwise I'll just keep going on and on....

  9. Really though, this season just makes me so happy. Its existance feels almost like a gift.

What are your favorite parts of s11?