November 24th, 2017


Food meme

As usual, via zmediaoutlet

  • waffles or french toast - Waffles, because my dad used to make them every Saturday morning for us (and still does, on occasion)

  • blueberries or raspberries - There's a wild raspberry bush that I walk by on my way to work, and for 2 weeks every summer I can have fresh-picked raspberries on my way home. It's lovely. But now we have blueberry bushes in our garden and they're lovely too (oh, as is picking wild blueberries while out kayaking)--I'm calling this an impossible choice to make.

  • apple juice or orange juice - Orange juice, because apple juice is just wannabe cider.

  • hot tea or hot coffee - hot tea, I suppose, though I never drink the real stuff, just fruit "teas".

  • honey or sugar - Uh, depends on what I'm doing with it.

  • iced or lukewarm water - ICED. What kind of heathen would even think of asking this question? Lukewarm, honestly. Ugh.

  • steak or fish - Steak, absolutely. Especially with potatoes and asparagus and a little bit of gravy. Best thing, really.

  • sweetened or black tea - Sweetened, if I must. Can't stomach black tea, even though members of my family live on the stuff.

  • mangoes or kiwi - Mango is lovely, but you can eat kiwis with a spoon like a soft-boiled egg. Some brands even come _with_ a knoon (spife?), which is kind of adorable.

  • breakfast or dinner - Dinner. Because you can have breakfast foods for dinner if you want, but it doesn't work so well the other way around.

  • candy or chips - Chips. Especially Cape Cod kettle chips, which are pretty much the best.