October 19th, 2017


Review: Things I greatly enjoyed about SPN 13.01

Just in time for 13.02 to air...

  1. The 'then' reel--perfect song for it, and also a nicely done little arc of 'see Sam and Dean collect friends and family. See those friends and family all get killed off.'

  2. This season's title card is really rad.

  3. Dean's utter bleakness--it balanced nicely with Sam's need for hope. Both felt quite inline with how the characters have reacted to similar situations in the past, and it gives us tension between them without unneeded drama.

  4. The Pirate Pete guys felt quite natural--the episode set them up quickly as characters with their own lives and concerns completely separate from the Winchester brand of madness.

  5. The new camera angles on the Impala during Sam and Dean's argument were quite nice. I know Jensen said it was a pain to shoot, but the end result was definitely worth it.

  6. I loved the moment when Sam glances up from his urgent questioning of the one Pirate Pete guy and sees the prank version of the menu board: just a beat of surreality stemming from normal life for a change.

  7. The definite horror/X-Files vibe throughout most of the scenes in the sheriff station.

  8. The Jack turned out to be a sweetie who loves nougat

  9. The whole Becky conversation while Dean was waiting for Sam to finish at Pirate Pete--despite how upset Dean is, he listens more or less politely instead of trying to simply shut her down or whatever.

  10. Jared's body-acting when he's in the cell with Jack--as with the scenes in s11 when he was with Lucifer in the bunker, he quite visibly displays Sam's discomfort through posture and how he physically interacts with the space and characters around him.

  11. That all the civilians managed to survive this episode--I thought for sure the son was going to get killed.

  12. Getting to see another brief glimpse of what they do to prep things for a hunter funeral

  13. Sam's explanation to Jack about saying goodbye to the dead. (I was going to say "his little speech", but that's not fair--it was more natural than that, like he was thinking it through for himself almost as much as for Jack.)