October 14th, 2017


Fic: Delivery Service [SPN]

amberdreams asked for Dean, Sam and Steve the Unicorn. That's all.

The night air is cold and unfriendly, especially since Dean's jeans are wet up to the thigh--and Sam's too, but Sam functions like a walking furnace most of the time, so he probably doesn't even notice. Dean notices, but he's still somewhat caught up in trying to process what the hell just happened.

"I think that might seriously be the weirdest thing we've ever killed." He's probably never going to be able to look the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles in the eye again.

Sam makes a non-committal noise, but he's mostly focused on trying to figure out how to pry off the small child that's currently strangling him. Given the day the kid's had, Dean can sympathize with her--as can Sam, as he's not trying very hard, by the looks of it.

Since Sam's occupied, Dean turns to the kid's babysitter, who's standing sort of huddled in on herself, staring blankly across the dark river they'd just forded. "How you holding up?" She doesn't respond, so he steps closer and tries again. "Lucy, right? Hey, we've got to get you and the kid out of here, but it's a couple miles to our car. You think you can manage that?" That at least gets him a look from her, though she's clearly still not tracking quite right.

"We can't leave yet--Steve's still back there."

Steve? This is the first mention of anyone by that name, and Dean's just started to ask for details, because he'd really rather not have to go retrieve a half-eaten corpse in the fast-falling dark if he can help it, when Sam's monkey friend shrieks "STEVIE" and starts wailing loudly enough that for a moment Dean thinks Sam managed to drop her or something.

"Wait, who's Steve?" Sam asks, managing to sound only mildly concerned despite the siren going off in his ear.

Lucy doesn't turn to look at him, just keeps staring vaguely in Dean's direction. "Clara's stuffed unicorn. She takes him everywhere."

Shit. "Let me guess--if we go without the thing, she'll keep making this racket?"

"Until she makes herself sick from crying, and probably even after that."

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