August 10th, 2017

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Fic-thing: Patience on a Monument [SPN]

Written as needed background for Dean's character in the first chapter of ETWI. Probably won't make sense without that. Might not make sense even with that. But I'm trying to post more stuff, so here 'tis. (Vague spoiler-warning for a few details, I guess.)

Sunday, October 9

The thing is, in the 22 years since they moved to the bunker, Dean’s never known dad to be late for anything, so for the first day he actually thinks he’s misreading the calendar. Dad said he’d call in on the 8th, he hasn’t called in yet, therefore it can’t be the 9th. That’s sound logic, until Dean starts compiling the shopping list for Monday, counts the cans of soup left, and realizes it’s Sunday, not Saturday. And even then he does the arithmetic five times until he has the bright idea to turn on the computer and check there.

It takes ten minutes for the thing to boot up, but then he’s stuck with the undeniable proof that his dad was supposed to call yesterday, and hadn’t.

No matter, he tells himself, with a deep breath to help calm his pulse. The man is, after all, only human. Maybe he’s staying somewhere without a phone. Maybe he’s neck-deep in research and lost track of the time, just as Dean had.

Seems unlikely, but it’s enough to let him go to bed that night and only stare at the ceiling for an hour or two before sleep slyly slides his eyelids shut.

Meals: Next to last bowl of cereal with orange juice, BLT with pickles and onions, meatballs with tomato sauce
Exercise: Sunday, n/a
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