June 27th, 2017


Visiting the Cloisters

The Metropolitan Museum's Cloisters is definitely worth a visit, if you feel like spending time around stuff that's old. Which I would recommend--it's good sometimes to be reminded how young our culture really is. A few suggestions, if you're in the NYC area and interested:

  1. Early June is an excellent time for the gardens--just about everything is in full bloom or budding

  2. You want full sun if at all possible. The interior lighting is kind of limited, but the windows are big and plentiful. If you want to be able to appreciate the detail, don't go on a cloudy day (as we did)

  3. Good weather also means the place is likely to be less crowded

  4. And you probably want to avoid going on the weekends for the same reason

We, of course, went on a very gray Sunday afternoon and the place was uncomfortably packed with people. But still, glad we went.