June 15th, 2017


Ogling some numbers

So, just posted my 100th work to AO3, and thought it might be fun to look at some stats:

User Subscriptions: 27
Kudos: 1385
Comment Threads: 141
Bookmarks: 155
Subscriptions: 39
Word Count: 89502
Hits: 29938

If you'd told me back in college that stuff I'd written would get read almost 30,000 times (well, more than that, if you throw in LJ), I probably would have thought you were joking. That's ... that's pretty dang cool. And yeah, only a pretty small percentage of readers left some kind of response, but heck--the alternative is printing stuff up and passing it around by hand and that never would've happened. I'll take my 1,385 kudos quite happily, thanks ever so. (Also, what a nightmare 30,000 comments would be, since I'd feel obligated to reply to all of them.)

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