June 6th, 2017


Fic rec: Gekizetsu

If someone asked me for a place to start with SPN fanfiction, I'd probably point them in the direction of gekizetsu/eighth_horizon. She's an old-school SPN writer, with most of her fics set in the first couple of seasons, but there are glimmers of current-season Sam and Dean in how she writes their younger selves.

Almost all of the fics listed here are case-based, and half of them deal with some variety of cryptid--the kind of thing the show can't do much of thanks to filming constraints. They're also a fairly comfortable length--long enough to sink your teeth into, but short enough to be read comfortably in a single sitting.

  • If Belief Was Enough - In which Sam and Dean take an interest in geology. (Fair warning, this is the middle of a trilogy, but it stands pretty nearly on its own.)

  • Crossing the Line - Blood magic, brotherly bets, and truth-telling, by degrees.

  • Keeper's Post | Epilogue - A nice cryptid tale; the curren case comes a little close for comfort. Also, Sam and Dean do a little sight-seeing.

  • Lest Thou Be Consumed - More sight-seeing, of the slightly awkward time-travel variety. Dean gets in touch with his inner chemist. Also, skinny-dipping.

  • Unspoken - Sam's jaw gets broken, but it's all oddly sweet.

  • In a Foreign Tongue - Sequel; even sweeter. In which Sam and Dean wind up with a temporary third wheel who appreciates bellyrubs and rolled-up socks.

  • Curcurbita - In which Sam and Dean spend the night in a pumpkin patch.

  • Specific Relativity - In which the "Azazel's special kids" storyline went a bit differently; Sam's not exactly okay, but it's a surprisingly fluffy fic despite that. (I kind of wish this was the version of Missouri we actually got on the show, btw.)

  • Afternoons and Coffee Spoons - And to pair with that, we finish with a story where Sam's powers turn out to be a bit more than just random visions and a built-in tinfoil hat--but there's still Dean and hunting and graves to salt and burn.