May 4th, 2017


Ficlet: "In a Week" timestamp

Prequel of sorts for 5. In a Week.

It takes a week for Sam to realize no reaper's coming for them: a week of Dean being too obsessed with the damage being inflicted on the Impala's interior to really notice that, well, they're dead, and it looks like this time it's going to stick.

Kind of funny, isn't it, Sam finally interjects, because eventually Dean's bitching gets to be too much for even him.

No, it's not, Dean retorts, and if he was still alive he'd be expansive in his frustration. But he's dead, so his corpse just eases back a bit more into the crook of the door hinge, dislodging Sam enough in the process so that his head can slide down onto Dean's shoulder more securely. She's bound to rust from this, and it's going to wreck havoc with her electronics.

Dean, Sam counters, because while it's better than just about all of the alternatives, he'd rather not spend eternity listening to Dean complain about his car. And some of that must come through with that one word, because Dean finally falls silent. For the first time since they died, Sam can properly appreciate the forest surrounding them, the quiet isolation of their final resting place, nothing but the woodland animals to keep them company.

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