August 30th, 2016


fic: Falls the Night [sga]

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tl;dr - I suspect this is about a sneeze away from being original fiction by now; not at all my standard SGA fare.


I would ’twere bed-time, Hal, and all well. - Henry IV, pt. 1, V.i

There is (was, will be) a boy running through the grass. Blue sky overhead, green grass underfoot; the boy runs. A rabbit runs also, aware of nothing but the open space before and the boy behind. A dog barks from inside the forest that stretches out along the green grass; barks twice, and bursts out of the underbrush, a brown and white arrow aimed at the rabbit.

And (the boy runs; the boy stumbles; the boy falls; the boy drops to his knees and clutches at his eyes; the boy sees blood; the boy sees an empty field and a panting dog) the boy stops, watches dog and rabbit disappear back into the forest, wonders what just (didn’t happen) happened.

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