February 29th, 2016

daddy's girl

Adventures in movie-viewing

Dad: *scrolls through Amazon Prime movies*
Dad: *reads synopsis of "Bullet-proof Monk"*
Dad: Sounds about right--I'm in the mood for some mindless action.

5 minutes later

Dad: Oh, it's a kung-fu movie.
Me: What did you expect? Trappists?

7 minutes later

Dad: That's enough of that.
Me: Too much mindless action?
Dad: Mostly just mindless.
Dad: *scrolls through movies some more*
Dad: Oh, how about this one--spies, stolen missiles, Libyan terrorists, military extraction team... Mark Hammill.
Dad: Wanna bet he's one of the Libyan terrorists?

5 minutes later

Dad: Why's everything subtitled? They're all speaking English.

3 minutes later

Dad: Oh, it's dubbed--that's why.

45 minutes later, as I pack up for the night

Me: So, not so mindless?
Dad: It's actually pretty intense.

ETA: Apparently once he figured out it was a Swedish James Bond knock-off some of the suspense faded; he wound up watching the rest of the movie mostly for the scenary. He then followed up with The Rapture, which lasted about as long as Bullet-proof Monk--according to him, it was a VERY BAD knock-off of Left Behind, which really boggles the imagination.