November 5th, 2015


Revisiting/remixing SPN 9.20 "Bloodlines"

I just recently rewatched "Bloodines" with two questions in mind: "Why didn't it feel like an episode of Supernatural?" and "Would it be possible to fix that without throwing the episode out wholecloth?"

In answer to question one: because it's missing almost every single trait of Supernatural.

  • All the monster stuff is almost completely unnecessary. Change it from "monster families" to "mob families" and you could run the exact same plot. Exactly the same plot. Seriously.

  • None of the ‘guest’ characters have any non-plot-related dialog, or anything to make them seem like actual people instead of stock TV characters. Contrast almost any other guest character from pretty nearly every other episode—even the dumb college kids from “Bitten” were more believable than this. Contrast Sam and Dean in the pilot: halfway into the episode and they're strong enough characters to walk off the screen.

  • Returning to the first point, you could remove the Winchesters from the episode entirely and it wouldn't actually affect the plot at all. They're basically exposition for people who haven't watched any other episodes of Supernatural, transportation, and weapons as needed. And there's only a single line of dialogue that actually sounds like them. I didn't notice it the first time, but on rewatch it's pretty blatant. No wonder Jensen is so sarcastic about the episode!

  • The one thing it does have in common with the rest of Supernatural is that it's very pretty.

In answer to question two:Collapse )

Written up *while* watching the episode, so apologies for any typos/insanity.