July 2nd, 2015

horse of power

Ficlets: Climbing Trees + On the Shore

For timespirt's prompt: SGA - loyalty, friendship, danger

There's an art to climbing trees. Ronon learned it from one of his cousins, in the early, heady days when Sateda could still pretend to itself that all was well. His body remembers the reach and swing, how to cling with knees and legs so the hands are free to grab--though he wishes in passing for the bare and calloused feet of his childhood.

Sheppard, on the other hand, seems to have nothing going for him but determination and a focus so complete that he doesn't flinch at scraping his arm raw, wrist to elbow.

With one foot braced and his balance more precarious than he'd ever admit, Ronon reaches down to haul Sheppard up by the tac vest, preventing further injury, and in careful silence they crowd against each other like the children they no longer are. Below, uncomfortably far and yet worryingly near, an angry mob crashes through the brush--away from the stargate, which means away from Teyla and an undiplomatic McKay.

Ronon knows they'll laugh about this over dinner in a month or two, but right now there's a broken branch jammed against one of his kidneys and Sheppard's blood smeared across his shirt, and nothing Ronon can do about any of it except press himself more closely to the tree's truck and clutch at Sheppard like a last hope.


For lindahoyland's prompt: reconciliation, caring, brothers

On the beach far below, a pair of boys ran whooping through the spume and spray, driving a cacophony of sea birds bursting into the air before them. A few more years and they would be men, but for now they were young and full of exuberant joy.

On the cliff above, lying belly-down on the rock and mostly bare in the sun, sides almost touching despite the morning's rising heat, a pair of men watched them go. In years past, they had also been young, but now they were weary and glad for rest from long strife.

"In my youth I sometimes wished for a sibling," Iranan said, more to himself than his neighbor. "Though eventually I acquired enough cousins that I supposed they must nearly be the equivalent, despite the decades separating us." Below, the running turned into an amiable scuffle, much to the birds' relief. "Do you have none, Aramahin? I don't recall being introduced to any."

Beside him, Aramahin shifted so that points of contact were lost and made between them, shoulder and ribs and hip and thigh. "No," he said at last, even as Iranan began to doubt the diplomacy of the question. "I had a sister, but she died in childbirth--and her husband was killed a month later, so their infant son came to my household."

"Ah." Iranan looked with more interest to the wrestling that still continued on the beach, both participants of which had now become liberally caked with sand and spume. "Seeing him grow so close with your own son, do you mourn your own childhood lack of a brother?"

Aramahin kept silent for a long moment, seemingly intent on the mock-violence below, but darting a glance over at Iranan, like a man checking that some precious object hasn't wandered away. "Perhaps," he said at last, "had I not a new-found cousin and new-won peace in which to come to know him."

"Ah," Iranan said again, and smiled with warmth to rival the sun's.

An introduction to 'Supernatural'

If you were going to introduce someone to Supernatural, which 5 episodes would you use to do so? A lot of episodes from seasons 4 and 5 wouldn't work, because they're so arc-heavy. Most of 7 has a completely different feel from the rest of the show, and all the flashbacks in beginning of 8 might be confusing. Hollywood Babylon would probably work pretty well, as would Night Shifter or Folsom Prison Blues, or ... well, most of 2 would work pretty well. And 1, and a fair chunk of 3. Parts of 6 would be okay, and the two halves of 10, barring opening, closing, and center episodes. Haven't watched enough of 9 to be able to judge.

Okay, off the top of my head, and in order by season:


...Argh. I can't do it. Maybe two lists? One for if they feel more like funny stuff, another for creepy?

Funny: Tall Tales ... No, that's no good either. I look at the list of episodes and get paralyzed because I just want to do them all, but if you could share only 5....