July 1st, 2015


Supernatural 1.08

Say what you like about "Bugs"--the story is very weak, the dialog verges on OOC at times, it contains the world's shortest night, "bugs just aren't scary!"--you can't deny that Kim Manners made it look like a million bucks.

This is what I'm finding as I go through the episodes, screen cap by screen cap: some of those that are sort of scorned by fandom as being, I don't know, 'bad' or boring or whatever, are just flat-out beautiful at times. (I grabbed so many caps from "Bloodlines" it's a little ridiculous.) So this little venture of mine is beginning to feel like a treasure-hunt where I hit jackpot more often than not.

I hope it can help others also appreciate episodes they initially wrote off.

Tumblr on LJ

For those of you who are interested in my little Supernatural screen cap project but don't want to venture onto Tumblr, here's the syndicated feed on LJ: http://thebratfarrar.livejournal.com

You should be able to subscribe to it and have it show up in your feed like a normal LJ--only you won't get any of the identifying tags.

I feel very smart for remembering this was an option, but also kind of stupid for not thinking of it sooner.