June 27th, 2015


Art in motion

It's easy to take for granted how gorgeous Supernatural can be--I hadn't really sat down and actually appreciated that aspect of it until I was prompted to do so a couple weeks ago. Since then, I've been sort of obsessing over it, as I tend to do unless I can find an outlet--which is why I now have a tumblr.

(Several of my friends are now suddenly in deep mourning for me; fear not, dear friends: I've turned off every alert/statistic tracker I could find, and my 'stream' (is that the correct term? Do I even really care? No.) consists of a handful of people I was already tracking through rss feeds.)

Art in motion exists purely and solely to give me a place to track and organize the visual aspects of the show that catch my eye as I'm watching--so it's really a gallery and nothing else. Stills only: no videos, no gifs, no meta, no edits, no reblogging of anything. Just a single daily screen cap, labelled with the episode number/title, the director, any recurring characters, and who made the screen cap.

First week's-worth is queued up, and the most difficult thing was not simply spamming it with 50 shots from the same episode--I'll be trying to keep it a fairly even mix of all 10+ seasons.

....and I wrote several more paragraphs, but LJ keeps eating them, so I'll just give up and post this now.

Poem by me: Growing Dreams

for marycatelli's prompt of "spring, courage, dreams"


What spurs the weary pea sprout on?
Some longed-for sun brightness? The distant sky?
Such battles it must fight, deny
both bird and squirrel its own self as crumb,
wend a winding way 'round pebble;
cheerful passing worm; silent, pensive grub.
And then (o difficult) must rub
up through some crack in the dirt, like rebel
against confining bars--

Only then, bruised and battered, may it greet the waiting stars.