February 21st, 2015


SPN 10.13: Halt and Catch Fire

A few thoughts on the episode:

My reaction after watching it the first time was, "That was fun. It felt kind of like an episode from the first few seasons."

While watching it the second time I had a bunch of moments where I went, "Oh--that's what's going on." Not in relation to the plot (the plot's pretty straightforward), but some technical things. Specifically, there's rain and mud and a lot of it takes place at night, in the dark. Not as dark as the early seasons--they do turn the lights on when they're inside--but enough to mimic the feel of the early seasons without making you squint to pick out the details of what's going on. Was I frightened or creeped out by the episode? No, but there were a couple of moments where I was definitely startled.

I've seen some people call the one death by computer cord "cheesy", but it's very similar to Sam's near-death by lamp cord in season 1's "Home"--just doesn't get stopped in time.

There's also a few nice shots where Sam and Dean are framed as potential predators, which I always like because it reminds us that a) they're dangerous, and b) if you don't know their motivations, their actions can come off as skeevy or threatening.