oh yeah, it's that time of year again

I was going to do a poll about white sneakers, but then I remembered that Lent starts this week.

do you do lent?

if by "do" you mean "observe", yes

and batman gets a ticky box (okay, 3 of 'em)

why does batman always get a ticky box?
because he's BATMAN.
'nuff said.

I think this year, in addition to the usually giving up of sweets, etc., I'm going to give up the internet. Except as needed for researching a current (and somewhat time-sensitive) project and to respond to comments.

Oh, and work. That's going to be tough, because work requires me to be online pretty much ALL THE TIME. Erm. I may have to rethink this.
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I've never had semlor, but it looks and sounds tasty. Around here, we eat fasnachts: so good and yet so very very bad. After eating one, you can just about feel your arteries go clang.
Well, there's a good reason why they're pretty much a once-a-year food. :D

Thanks for the link! That looks like a pretty easy-to-follow recipe, although the "nutrition facts" info is kind of scary. Well, just like fasnachts, I suppose. :P
Hey, fastnachts!! I was just thinking about them on the way home from work! I don't know of anywhere in my current area that might sell them, but I have fond memories of them from my youth! The one bakery in Tonawanda that sold them called them fastnacht "keekles" (no, not really, but that's what the word sounded like), and my whole family mourned the day when we went to buy them on Fat Tuesday one year and were told that they no longer sold them.... =[
I guess they're more of a PA thing--I'm surprised you had them up in NY to begin with. pretty much any place with an oven sells them on Fat Tuesday. And then they all go on the reduced shelf the next day, so if you don't observe Lent, that's the day to go doughnut shopping. :P
I had no idea they were common in PA. I guess I had no idea they were common anywhere! I never came across them anywhere else but that one bakery. I had Pączki on Tuesday--a very different type of Fat Tuesday donut that's much more common here in the Southern Tier area of WNY. It's Polish, of course, which would explain its popularity anywhere in Western New York. Lotta Poles 'round here! It's super puffy (even fatter than a jelly donut, but it has no filling) and has raisins and a wee bit o' cinnamon, and a light glaze. They were yummy (yes, I had two!), but nothing at all like the fastnachts....
Yeah, they're actually a Pennsylvania Dutch thing, so they're all over the place around here. I've never had a Paczki, though--we don't have much of a Polish population, and so I guess there's just never been much of a demand.

Ethnic food can be a lot of fun, can't it? :D
I'm trying out giving up all beverages but wah-wah (that's water, for the layman), but I think I have to make an exception for tea with honey and lemon at the moment because of an icky cold. I think God understands. It's hardest in the morning when I just wanna get cranberry juice and soda water to wake me up...
The last few years I've given up reading-for-pleasure for the 40 days--a tough one! But this year it'll be sweets, because their ONLY purpose is to give me a few moments of cheap pleasure. If I can't deny myself that for love of my Lord, I don't see how I can in any way say that I'm a "take up my cross" kinda gal.

Hope you feel better soon, violeteyedcat!!
Giving up sweets is hard, although I suspect giving up recreational reading would be harder for me. Maybe I'll give it a shot next year.

I'm pretty crummy at "taking up my cross", but I do try. And I'll try to remember to pray for you this Lent, that it might be a time of growth and reflection.
Thank you, my dear! I'll be sure to pray for you and your family in return. ^^

I do hope to really open myself to the Spirit this season. I have a particular advantage this year, as I'll be making my Lenten journey in the company of two kids from my parish who will be entering into full communion with the Church at the Easter Vigil. I kinda got drafted into the position of being their RCIA instructor (with no prior experience!), and we're really delving into the essentials of the faith together. It's a fantastic experience, seeing things afresh through their eyes, and I hope to profit from it as much as they do!