September 5th, 2014


In which I try not to hyperventilate

So, sometime between bedtime yesterday and breakfast this morning, my laptop decided to not only stop recharging--despite acknowledging that it's plugged in and there's power running through the cord--but also to start draining its battery faster than usual (as of last night, it could go 4 hours, easy, before needing to recharge).

I'm not quite in panic mode, but pretty close.

Partly because I'm typing this on my mom's laptop, which I despise, and irritation makes for a good distraction. Partly because I was able to a) back up everything while losing only another 2% power (leaving me with ~36%) and b) I have a brand new Kindle and so can read stuff on there without tying up said loathed laptop. Also, our IT department is usually pretty good about getting personal laptops up and running again, or at least diagnosing the problem so the options are known. Not that they'll be able to look at it until Wednesday, probably, but hey--they're free and convenient, and I am cheap and lazy.

Anyway, these sorts of things have the benefit of reminding me a) how unreliable technology actually is, and b) I spend way too much time hooked up to it. So I should probably unhook myself now.