July 16th, 2014


On being human

A hard saying, but one I've found to be true:
Man, to be a human person, must have a master. He is made this way. And being a responsible creature, he must choose his master. In this is his freedom. No one can coerce another's mind without destroying that mind. Even a person in chains 'enjoys' freedom to determine his own thoughts and loyalties. Man is a servant. This is his glory. He finds himself in service. This is the paradox of rational existence. But the problem with people arises when they reject the only One who is big enough to furnish adequate credibility and fulfillment, big enough to be a worthy Master--God, in Christ. It is not that a person simply chooses not to serve God but that he cuts himself off from the possibility of finding what only God can provide. He must serve something, so he creates a master to serve.

--Mildred Wynkoop, A Theology of Love

On the importance of word-choice

Seen on an advertising flyer received today:
We only use the freshest ingredients... like you!

Dear advertiser, is this really the message you want to send to potential customers? If not, you might want to put someone else in charge of coming up with slogans, because I'm pretty sure there's a very popular TV show right now that could also use this in their ad campaign, and it's not a cooking show. Well, only in the sense that Titus Andronicus is a cooking show.

(Titus Andronicus is not a cooking show. It's sort of the opposite, actually.)