December 10th, 2013


all hail the snow demons...

When I say "Snow?" you say...

SNOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahaaaa!!!!!!
Didn't Batman have a white batsuit at some point?

Oh man, I haven't done one of these in ages. They're fun! I'd forgotten that.

And now I must go play in the snow. It's not to be taken for granted around here (alas!), especially twice in one week.

rec: vaticanny place

Whenever a new issue of imaginarybeasts comes out, the first thing I do is check to see if there's a new story by dmjewelle about Vaticanny Place and Finnegan, god of rebirth. And you should too, because they're great fun. I'm not really sure how to describe them, aside from 'hilarious' and 'in need of many more comments' and 'at times startlingly insightful and also hilarious'.

Our Defense System Has Laryngitis - "If there was one thing Finnegan honestly hated, it was the team-building activities."

The Time Traveller's Victim - "Godfrey insisted on having me over to help test out his latest invention; brought Sedna along because that's what assistants are for."

Glasswalk - "Weirdly for a desert made entirely from glass, there were no traces of anyone else ever having been here."

Edna Costello's War Against Everything - "Finnegan had seen Edna Costello apply makeup many times, but usually it didn't involve her glaring ferociously at the mirror and lining her light brown eyes like she was applying war paint."

The Year of 500 Springs - "The Horologist god has no planet to call his own, but takes care of The Grand Clock in the Vaticanny Place's grounds."

No Fantasy For You! - "'You should put magic in this world,' Edna Costello said."

Mountain-building - "The mist hung over the mountain valley like a floating veil."