December 3rd, 2013


sga fic: duty [unfinished]

I think I started this one for a sheps_atlantis challenge that wound up not really happening. It's funny--sometimes prompts spark a full-blown story, and sometimes they fizzle out after the first fifteen minutes of initial inspiration. Could I finish this? Probably--if I pressed at it, something would come out, but I find that it's not a story I really want to tell. The synopsis that comes after the fragment does everything I'd be trying to get out of the story, which would be an examination of why Ronon survived Running for so long (and relatively sane) when others didn't/don't. A sort of flip-side to miss_porcupine's Matter, Form and Privation.

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i'm not a tree-hugger, but

Why do the people on our street keep cutting down the trees in their front yards? It makes everything feel very exposed (and hot, in the summer) and, well, bare. And some of the trees (like the one currently being cut down) were practically friends--this one I've known 22 years.

I'm going to go hide in the basement so I don't have to watch.

hp fic: snakeskin [unfinished]

So, here is the only other Harry Potter story I ever thought about writing. I've always found the Donkey/cat/whatever-skin/Sapsorrow story fascinating, and this possible permutation of it presented itself and refused to go away for quite a long while. But it's a hard story to tell right, and if told wrongly could hurt people who've already been hurt too much, and I didn't (still don't) trust myself with it. So I put it aside. (And by now, Harry Potter is a story I don't care about anyway.) The kiss at the end is completely platonic, btw--fealty, not romance.

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