November 18th, 2013

sga au

sga fic: falls the night [incomplete]

Welcome to installment one of what I've been thinking of as 'burning down the farm'. (Anyone who can guess the reference gets a hundred words on the subject of their choice, although they may end mid-sentence.)

"But what about the novel?" some of you are asking. "I'm here for SGA-with-the-numbers-filed-off, not actual (and incomplete!) SGA fic. What gives?" The answer to that is, my OCD tendencies. I find concentrating on something very difficult when it's surrounded by mess, and that's currently true of my writing--I have too many WIP folders, and every time I open the documents I should be working on, I'm distracted (and, more problematically, discouraged) by the ones I haven't quite given up on. This still isn't me (quite) giving up on them, just getting them tidy enough to ignore in the meantime. Also, it's a fast way to produce some content for my few remaining readers. :P

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