September 20th, 2013


and i in my bed again [sga]

Look! I come bearing SGA again, after many moons. This is to fill kristen999's long ago request: "five times John Sheppard wished the coin had turned heads instead of tails. (Thought of doing random coin tosses throughout John’s life, but decided that wasn’t exactly fair.)" And because I am stubborn about doing things I've said I would, no matter how long it takes me, here it is. I'd say I wasn't entirely pleased with it, but hey. It's fiction, I sat down and wrote it just now, in one go, and it's done. Right now, that's all I care about.

I should probably warn that this is a mix of canon/personal canon, which means John's family history is different, but everything else should be the same. I think. It's been a while and I didn't look anything up.



The bed was too short, and no matter how John folded his legs or bent his back, the bed remained too short and he remained awake. But given the event he knew his dreams would replay,Collapse )