January 22nd, 2013


sga, tolkien-style

Okay, so that's a somewhat presumptuous title, but I'm going to leave it because it's more true than not. This is the rant that opened the doors for the epiphany that caused the previous, jubilant post--which will be further explained in the next, f-locked post. (Which will lay out the foundations for a brand-spanking-new fantasy world, about which I will be talking to a (very small) publisher later this week. Hence me trying to lay it out in print somewhat coherently. If you want to be in on the development of this, let me know and I'll add you to the f-lock filter.)

This began because I've been reading a lot of Tolkien recently in an attempt to remind myself why my life-long goal has been to emulate him in the act of sub-creation--which led to the unexpected discovery that Atlantis has a place in the history of Middle Earth, and that there are certain similarities to that of Atlantis in the Stargate universe. Besides the obvious "city of a highly advanced race existing in the middle of the sea until it sank". In both cases the inhabitants developed a pretty severe case of superiority, pursued immortality, and left relics behind that would shape the flow of wars to come. Of course, one was utterly destroyed by external forces while the other was (temporarily) buried beneath the sea by its (more-or-less voluntarily leaving) inhabitants, so there are some fundamental differences, but still, it does raise some ideas and open certain possibilities....

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