August 1st, 2012


5 gifts given to ronon (and one he gives)

Here, have another piece about Ronon, written at no one's instigation but my own. I had a really bad day at work, so I'm posting this to cheer myself up as much as anyone else. The Sateda stuff is completely made up by me, and doesn't entirely jive with what I dug up on the Stargate wiki, but you know my approach to canon.


1. “Beads?” he says doubtfully, rolling them around in his cupped hand as though they might inexplicably become something else.

“Blue beads,” his sister Rissa helpfully points out. “Twelve blue beads.” She looks at him expectantly. Apparently that’s supposed to mean something to him.

“So?” he asks eventually, earning himself a disappointed sigh.

“For your hair.” She reaches over and tugs at it, just hard enough to make Ronon scowl at her. “You’ll be joining the Specialist Corps soon. Time to get your cords started.”

“Oh, right,” Ronon says, feeling young and stupid, and doesn’t flinch when she reaches for his hair a second time.


2. “You’re pretty serious about this Melena, aren’t you.” Tyre sounds amused, but Ronon doesn’t notice, too busy not thinking about Melena’s eyes, her smile, Collapse )