October 1st, 2011


in which we find feet and a hazard of growing old

Spent of a chunk of this morning looking up info on Medicare for my mom. Wonder whether it'll still be functional by the time I'm her age. I fully expect Social Security to be defunct.

One of the things I do to myself to prove my relative youth and flexibility is use my feet instead of my hands when possible (and when I happen to think of it). Is it weird to get a kick (ha) from flicking on light switches with my toes?

So, am I slightly nuts, or do any of you use your feet to

open/close doors?
turn on/off light switches?
pick things up off the floor?
stand on one leg for no particular reason?
you're not at the mask & cape stage yet, but yeah, slightly nuts.

I'm at a weird spot mentally where I can write things down on paper, but don't seem able to type it up on my laptop (or any other computer); I either don't get around to it, or I get hopelessly distracted. Feels like some kind of mental block, but I can't figure out where it's coming from. Maybe the typing-up aspect feels too much like work? (Some days I really hate having a desk job.)