May 7th, 2011


jury duty

Hum. I've been summoned. First time for that, although I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. The tricky thing is going to be getting there on time, as I'm supposed to be there at 8:15am and I live at least an hour away from the courthouse. Maybe longer, depending on traffic. Eh. I answered the questionnaire honestly, so there'll be a couple things that might make me unsuitable. Depends on how particular they are, I suppose.

Have you sat on a jury?

Never got called up!
Got called up but they didn't need me!
...has Batman ever done jury duty? I know he's been the defendant more than once...

In other news, the originalbigbang reverse bang has been delayed a week, which means I have to wait to post my story for it. Ugh. Partially related question: do you like seeing fragments of stories as I work on them, or would you prefer to know nothing until the story's finished?