May 28th, 2010


5 things to do in your spare time

1. Design your superhero costume, just in case you ever get bitten by a radioactive spider or inherit enough money to become a masked vigilante.

2. Practice walking on sidewalk curbs and chalk lines, just in case you ever have to cross a fathomless chasm via a narrow and precarious bridge.

3. Learn Morse code. There are a whole bunch of ways this might come in handy, and surprisingly few of them involve such improbabilities as super villains and penguins in the park. (What would penguins do in a park, anyway? Wander around looking for fish?)

4. Practice navigating obstacle courses at full speed with your eyes closed. Next time the electricity goes out while you're in the basement, you'll be all set!

5. Learn to juggle. I'll let you come up with ways this skill could be useful. I'll bet there's at least three.

This post brought to you by volumes 2 and 3 of Astro City.