May 24th, 2010


poem (by me): insatiable

I want another story--
tell me another story (or six or twelve),
sweeter, sharper, more familiar and strange.
Make me laugh, or cry. Both would be nice,
although I prefer my endings happy
(except when they're best done sad).

I want another story,
like the first but different.
Tell me one with monsters and flowers
and unlikely heroes.
Remind me that people can do good things,
even when those things are hard
(especially when they're hard).

I want another story.
Will you tell me one? And then another, after that?
Play magician, pull a thousand tales
out of a single hat,
like an impossible string.

I want another story
(the child begs).
Tell one to me, one I've heard before,
one that's new.
I want another story.
(And I want and I want and I want.)