March 19th, 2010


and we have fiction

Looking at these, you may wonder if I've turned into "all drabbles, all the time". Don't worry: I'm just working my way through the gen_drabble prompts while grappling with larger, more recalcitrant stories. Another week or two, and we'll begin to mix things up a little.

And So. Later, John will think back on his mother's stories and wonder what exactly she'd been thinking when she told them to him.
Leaf and Twig. Eventually, home means something different to her, although she will not be able to say why.
There Is No "Try". He's all that's left of Sateda. These people don't seem to understand what that means.
Scratch. Just how does the ATA gene sequence work, anyway?
Where No Storms Come. Not all exiles are unwelcomed.
Scratch (II). He's a soldier, not a prince, but she doesn't care.
The Long Goodbye. She was a city, once.