March 8th, 2010


doggerel by me: one nursery rhyme too many

I stole a pair of bear feet
And took them for my own;
The bear stood on his front feet
And followed to my home.

I asked him very nicely
To go and leave me be;
He growled at me crossly
To "Give them back to me".

I boarded up my window,
I hammered shut my door;
He called me very bad names
And dug up through my floor.

I set a dozen bear traps
And baited them with wine;
He broke them all in two snaps
And said, "Don't waste my time."

So I called the ranger
And told him of my plight;
He said that I'd been poaching,
And he'd be by that night....

[At this point the writing becomes completely illegible, and it appears the writer may have fallen asleep on it before the ink dried.]