February 2nd, 2010


fly-by review: g-force

We watched G-Force only because my mom got it out from the library, and she got it out from the library only because my sister has owned guinea pigs on and off since she was about seven and currently has 4 (one of which is psychotic and has to be kept away from the others). So Mom wanted to see if the movie was good enough to recommend to my sister, and shockingly, it was. I'm not saying I'd want to own it, but given its premise (a commando squad made up of 3 guinea pigs, a mole, and a fly), it's about as well-written as it could be. The ending's a bit . . . abrupt, and there are a couple blindingly fortuitous coincidences, but the dialog is pretty funny aside from a few shlocky bits, and most of the minor characters are actually characters, not cardboard cut-outs. (There's this really hilarious bit where the G-Force is trying to escape from the FBI in rocket-powered hamster balls and the lead FBI agent is practically foaming at the mouth because he's being out-driven by GUINEA PIGS.)

So. Stupid, but in an amusing sort of way.