January 30th, 2010


so here we are, a month into 2010

new year's resolutions

made; kept so far
made; broken like a piece of cheap pottery
have given up on making them to begin with
never bother
batman needs no resolutions!

I've stopped making resolutions, but I do have goals every year. Last year's was to start posting regularly and to write more; I kind of succeeded in the first, but can't tell about the second. This year's goals are basically last year's over again, only I think they might actually happen this year. I should probably add some new ones, mostly because I figure if I can actually do it, it's too easy. Also, I really need to start cleaning my part of the house on a regular basis.

Hm. Note to self: stop talking about yourself so much. That's an awful lot of I's in the previous paragraph.