January 5th, 2010


reviews: a bunch o' stuff (with links! whoa!)

9: Gorgeous, gorgeous CGI, predictable plot, insipid dialog, and flat characters. Your basic "man makes somewhat-intelligent machine, machine kills everybody" plot with living ragdolls thrown in for good measure. There's also a 10 minute short, which was expanded into the feature-length movie. This is much better: tightly written, slightly vicious, and utterly unsentimental--unlike the movie. Also no dialog, which turns out to be a big plus. In both cases Collapse ), but what else can you expect from the post-apocalyptic genre?

Dead Like Me: Watched a couple episodes because a friend recommended it, but don't think I'll watch any more, in large part because of the pretty constant foul language and a lack of sympathetic characters. They're all brilliantly written and believable, but not people you want to spend a lot of time with. The cinematography is gorgeous, though, and the opening credits are just plain brilliant. It feels like the kind of show that could blossom into something wonderful, but I just don't have the time to give it a decent chance. If someone tells me it gets better, I might skip forward a bit in the season and give it a second try.

Blue Moo: I don't remember if I've mentioned any of Sandra Boynton's albums before, but if I haven't, I should've. They are pretty much the most fun you can have with a pair of headphones on, and the accompanying artwork matches the music perfectly. This album is mostly in the sock-hop style (I think that's right), with performances by a slew of vintage singers like B.B. King and Davy Jones (as well as interruptions by the Uninvited Loud Precision Band). The previous albums are just as much fun and definitely worth checking out.

Fables: Wheeeee! Um. I mean, er, I should be able to talk about this series coherently and give a very long list of why I like it so much, but I keep getting sidetracked by the art and the characters and the plot and stuff and then I have to go back and reread and I should probably just buy the trade paperbacks already because I've gotten out the library's copies so often. Also, the library doesn't have all of them, and this is becoming irritating. Collapse )

In Odd We Trust: I'm currently on a Dean Koontz kick, thanks to one of you guys (I should know who, but I've forgotten. Sorry!), starting with the Odd Thomas series. This is a graphic novel that's sort of a prequel to the regular old novels, and has the feel of a short story. The art bugged me a little, because I'm not a fan of the manga style, but the story itself was fun (well, Collapse )) and it was nice to see Odd being as innocent and care-free as is possible for him.

...y'know, I did read some books too, I just didn't feel like writing about them. Read a bunch of Tolkien, for trishkafibble, and bits and pieces of Pratchett, and a whole lot of art books--Dore and Durer and Christensen, to name a few. Good stuff, all of them.