5 things that always make brat smile

1. Snow. Especially snowflakes on my face.

2. Bubbles.

3. Wind-up toys. (They're pretty much my secret weakness--shhh, don't tell)

4. Curling up next to my puppy.

5. You all. You're pretty awesome. :D

I could keep going: fountain pens, spinny chairs, kites, spinning tops, bouncy balls, Terry Pratchett books, Dorothy L. Sayers books, anything Sandra Boynton, lava lamps, this thing, Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, new books that look old but aren't or like they're collages but aren't or (you get the idea), I could keep going for a very long time....
Aw, thanks!! I'm so glad we made the list--your posts are definitely on mine! ^_____^

And thanks for the Vectorpark link! It took me a bit to realize that the beaky guy didn't want to harm my spider, but it's awfully adorable when they do interact! I clicked on a link to another game there, too. So neat!
I love the beaky guy's constantly-wagging tail. He wants to be friends. And play. But he doesn't quite know how. So he just follows the spider around everywhere and they occasionally have impromptu jumping contests and he's pretty much the happiest beaky guy ever.

The acrobats are a lot of fun too, if you found the link to them. They're around there somewhere, I just don't remember where.

Edited at 2010-02-12 10:55 pm (UTC)
What I found was "Windowsill"(? I think that's what it was called). It's a dark box with several divisions to it, and strange objects in each compartment, a few bits of which glow. It's kind of like aimlessly playing in an attic.... ^^
Oh yeah, I remember that one. It's a good way to accidentally spend a half hour doing nothing. :P