November 19th, 2009


sit-rep (sit rep? sitrep?)

thing wot i did today: finished a very important letter that's been sitting half-finished on my desk for a week.

things wot i did not do today: finish the letters that have been sitting half-finished on my desk for a month. balance my checkbook. give you guys turtles. i think the turtles are on vacation at the moment, sad to say.

thing wot i am going to do now: sleep.

5 conversations that didn't make it onto paper

1. In a field of daisies

"You're not supposed to eat the flowers, you know."

"Or pick them, either. Although I suppose with those gigantic scissors, no one's going to bother you about it."

2. Inside a house in which something happened requiring detecting of some sort

"What do you see?"

"I told you: finger prints."

"C'mon. I'm stuck down here on the floor. The least you can do is give me a running commentary. Or get me a ladder."

3. ...I'm not sure, actually

"Why are we wearing these, anyway?"

"Dunno, but mine itches. How did people sleep with these on?"

4. On the top floor of a very tall building

"You're not the least big bothered about being thrown out the window? I don't see any sort of net or trampoline or bucket of water down there."

"Nah, she rarely draws the ground, so it shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, I've got wings around here somewhere. And balloons--those would work too."

"...You're going to blow up a half dozen balloons while falling and before hitting the ground?"

"I told you, she almost never draws the ground. It's not an issue."

"Well, you're the one going out the window."

5. In the air, more than once

"Let's just stay up here for a while."