July 11th, 2009


ten things beginning with "t" that are totally terrific

1. Tylenol. I am SO GLAD I don't have to live in a world without over-the-counter pain medication. So very very glad.

2. Talking. Do you ever stop and think about how crazy our ability to communicate is? Seriously. I make some funny sounds, you make some funny sounds in return, and we both (usually) understand each other. Writing's even more crazy, but that doesn't start with a T.

3. To Say Nothing of the Dog. I love this book so much. It's got pretty much everything I adore in it: mystery, wry humor, a touch of very practical romance, literary allusions all over the place, time travel, and a bulldog. Bulldogs make me happy.

4. Terry Pratchett. If you haven't read him, you really should. He may not be your style, but he's worth a try, and his quotations are fantastic.

5. Time. Because the alternative (apparently) is nothing happening. Ever.

6. Theater. One man in white face paint, an ill-fitting suit and battered hat, with a stool and an otherwise empty stage, can hold the attention of an audience of a couple hundred for an hour and a half and receive an instant standing ovation at the end of it. And he could do it without the face paint, suit, hat, stool or stage. Really, all theater requires to exist is two people and a little space: actor, audience, and stage. Is this not magic?

7. Timpani. Because making music by hitting things is pretty cool.

8. Turtles.

9. Theodore Roosevelt. How did so much awesome fit into one person?

10. Ticky boxes. There's something so satisfying about clicking them.

siegeofangels gave me the letter T; I'd be happy to give you a letter in turn, or to just read about the things you love that begin with T.