June 18th, 2009


earthworms and invite codes

Have you ever stood and watched an earthworm cross the sidewalk? It's exhausting and a little humbling. Makes me glad I have feet and don't have to scrunch-stretch-scrunch-stretch my way everywhere.

Also, I have four DreamWidth invite codes, all up for grabs.

5 things i wish they'd done with sga

Warning: this be mostly me ranting about stuff that really really REALLY bugs me. And I'm probably blowing it all out of proportion, but these are the things that keep me from really enjoying the show. Also, I change tenses wildly throughout. Sorry about that.

Please feel free to do some ranting of your own in the comments--at me, at the show, at the weather. (My strawberries keep going rotten before they ripen, because of all the rain. So very frustrating.) I promise to at least feign interest and not to laugh.

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