May 26th, 2009


review: Taken [movie]

To borrow a summery from miss_porcupine, in this movie Liam Neeson chases down and shoots a lot of people. There are extenuating circumstances of course, involving him as devoted, formerly-absentee spy father, but basically this is your standard race-against-the-clock type story. What makes this a bit more intriguing than most is that the director manages to cast doubt all the way through on whether things will turn out well---it felt at points almost like some of those British police dramas, the ones that make you want to buy a farm at the back of nowhere and stay the hell away from all cities and suburbs. Although I suppose Agatha Christie's enough to make you want to avoid quaint villages as well, so really you might as well become one of those crazy survivalists who lives on a fortified/booby-trapped compound and shoots anyone who shows up uninvited.

Um. I liked it, in large part because the movie-makers tell us the character is uber-competent, and then allow him to be uber-competent, and that doesn't happen very often. (To my great frustration.) But there's a very high body count (as suggested by the summery) and lots of nasty things happening to nasty people (and also to people who don't deserve it at all, which is what starts whole chasing-down-and-shooting-lots-of-people thing), so if that bugs you, don't watch.