May 2nd, 2009



So, hey, thanks to the generosity of ninepointfivemm, I'm on dreamwidth as bratfarrar. Not that I'm actually moving there any time soon---LJ's like a broken-in shoe, y'know? Finally got it the way I want it. But I figured better snag my name while it was available, and this way if any of you guys move and make the break clean, I can still keep tabs on you and blither in comments and etc.

Which is to say, I don't think DW will be a repeat of IJ, which I should probably delete because it's just collecting virtual dust and I have no interest in ever doing more with it. Between my various LJs and DW and googlepages (and--oh the horror!--perhaps even the pit of voles), I have no need for it as a backup archive anymore.

If you're also on DW, ping me, okay?

And now I shall go:
clean my room done
balance my checkbook done, more or less
vacuum stairs (they really really need it) done
and possibly, hopefully, please dear lord i just want it to be done, finish that thing about the aftermath(s) of John kissing Rodney. Because I've been working on it on and off for almost a year, and I'm ready to move on now.