November 19th, 2008


i did not know about this phone number

there was a video here, but now there's not

I'm only just now beginning to realize how much work is involved in being a good, participating citizen. It's more than simply showing up at the voting center once every four years--or even every year. One must be informed of current events, of what the government in its various forms is doing, and must make one's will known to the appropriate representatives. Will, not opinion. We the people are the true government, after all, although it seems we rarely shoulder that burden. Seems it's easier to just sit back and complain (or gloat).

And I admit that I have been (and will probably continue to be, to some extent) one of the complainers.

and now, a word from...

So, some of you are probably thinking, "What's up with all the political stuff? The election's over, and anyway, I came for the fannish stuff/fiction/[fill in the blank]."

The (short) answer is that I've been trying to find my feet as a voting citizen, and some of that happened to spill over into here. However, I think that process is mostly done now, so no need to flee for the hills. No more politics--at least not until the next election. Well, no more real politics. I make no promises concerning the fictional kind.

And for those you who were freaked out by the fake Thomas Paine--well. His views are not entirely (perhaps mostly not) my views. What caught my attention was the bit about regular citizens being more involved in the process of government. And the phone number. Although I'm not sure I will ever summon the courage to actually call Congress. (I freely admit that I am a wimp, especially when it comes to using the phone.)