November 9th, 2008


fic fragment: Not Unscathed

I know I said I'd be posting NaNoWriMo updates daily. By now, you should know better than to believe me when I say stuff like that. NaNo goes apace, but it goes so on paper, and in such a form as I am loath to share with the public. In apology, I offer you an abandoned WIP, starring Teyla, and entirely plotless. Which is why it is now abandoned. Because I'm too lazy and beset by rabid--somethings. Not plot bunnies, because there are no plots to them. Just scenes, and fragments, and (occasionally) pretty-sounding words.

Anyway: here is Teyla, not unscathed.

P.S. Spellcheck wanted to replace "WIP" with "WEEP", which is (sadly) appropriate.