August 1st, 2008


fic: july master post

Spammity spam spam!

Well, it's sort of anti-spam, since I'm doing this instead of posting here every time I post something on gentle_edgar. More because I'm lazy than out of any sense of politeness.

Last Player in the Game
Timestamp for Elbow On the Floor. In which there is frozen yogurt. And sand. [sga]

Farewell to Candide
Sam and the multiverse. [sg-1]

Also started a tw/sga fic which may or may not ever get written, depending on . . . stuff. Wrote a bit more of Boojum, the fic where John pulls a Daniel. Restarted Stories Thrice Told. Still have to write trishkafibble's timestamp--I know exactly how I want to do it, just need to find the energy to sit down and pound it out. Which is true for a lot of my things. *sighs*