September 29th, 2007


how-write-better community?

Figured I'd ask this before trundling off to bed to die - kriadydragon mentioned the possibility of starting a community focused on how to improve one's writing, and now I really want to set up one. It would be a mix, I think, of exercises/challenges, "here's something I find helpful", "how do I fix this?", and various other odds and ends. Maybe recommendations for helpful books and such. I've certainly got a whole slew of them.

I know kriadydragon already got some positive feedback on the subject, but I'll ask again anyway: anyone else want to do this? I'd be happy to format and mod it in my copious spare time, I just don't want to start a community that will be dead in three months. If people are interested, what name should we use? write_right, perhaps? Please, give me suggestions.

ETA: kriadydragon wound up starting writers_lair, which is shiny and full of topics for discussion.