June 8th, 2007


drabble: Vermin Control (for Sophonisba)

Vermin Control
for saphanibaal's prompt of 'vampire pirates'

The thing is that the sun doesn’t really do anything to vampires. They don’t like it, but that’s because they’re nocturnal. Sunlight certainly doesn’t make them burst into flames, at most giving them a terrific headache.

Consequently, the shadowless expanse of the ocean isn’t much protection against them. So most of the merchant ships sailing the Caribbean carry more religious paraphernalia than some cathedrals, and a priest or two to boot: holy water does more than give vampires a migraine. But despite the hassle, few sailors complain—after all, throwing holy water at regular pirates only gets them wet. And cranky.


Um. So, I'll write something about the French Matter sometime soon, yes?