July 9th, 2006


Drabble: A Swearing Situation

I just found this drabble floating on my hard drive, forgotten. If I remember correctly, I wrote it after being informed that a friend of mine was trying to start a magazine, and was going to give out a $50 prize, but only to whoever used the f-word in their contribution. I laughed, went to bed, and got up again ten minutes later, unable to go to sleep until I wrote this down. It wasn't intended to be a drabble, but when I checked, it turned out to be exactly ninety-nine words. See if you can guess which word was inserted to make the word count.


A Swearing Situation

"Fuck," he said quietly, the word tasting unfamiliar in his mouth. "Fuck," he repeated more loudly, slightly emboldened by the lack of consequence following his first attempt. No one had swooped down on him, threatening to wash out his mouth with soap (again). But then there was no on around to do so–that was the problem. "Fuck," he said one last time, despairing, head in hands. He was all alone, and had no way out of the situation. He was well and truly stuck.

Odd how that rhymed, he thought, and wondered if it was time to start panicking yet.