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oh look, it's snowing again

but this is supposed to be a review. hrm. i apologize in advance for the lack of capitalization and the abuse of punctuation.

um. so. i didn't read or watch much this past week. i was busy being productive! and stuff! and being distracted by youtube (o youtube, eater of time, you who turn eyeballs and brains into mush). but i did try to watch sherlock holmes and the baker street irregulars and had to quit about 25 minutes in. the whole thing was pretty much rubbish. read rather like bad fanfiction, actually. or watched or whatever. the irregulars were too prominent, too annoying, and not very street-rat like. and their lair was remarkably large, clean, furnished, and well-lit. also, there were about 5 of them, and i'd always figured the irregulars to be an ever-changing, only loosely-affiliated mob. that holmes used to gather information and trail people, not to retrieve stolen goods from inside upper-crust houses. etc.

holmes and watson were both most unlike themselves, with watson being rather cardboard-y and holmes being . . . well, unlike himself. sharp edges in all the wrong places, soft spots in even worse ones, and, well, boring.

the whole thing was boring, actually. i was never given a reason to care about any of the characters, the cinematography was predictable and very bbc, and the music was-- well, okay, the opening and closing credit themes were pretty good, but the incidental music was insipid at best.
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