poem (by me): to the brim

I am a pitcher over-filled with water,
a teacup with no saucer,
and all I do--all I can--
is sit very still and wait and
hope (with such quiet desperation)
that the one who poured my contents in will tell me
or at the least
will pour them out again to where they'd better be.
Lovely! Such an ambivalent tone. And I think I know EXACTLY what you mean. Life gives me that sort of feeling much of the time, though I've never expressed it like that.
So many possibilities, so little time? :P

There are moments when I feel I really might drown in it if I breathe the wrong way or turn my head when I shouldn't.
Hmm. For me it's always been more like: so much, where the heck do I start?? I'm all about the indecision, and the paralyzing fear. Yup, that's how I roll--or, more precisely, how I stand rooted to the spot! <_<
Yeah, I struggled with that for a while--still do, more than a bit, but I've made up my mind to not let that stop me. Doing something, even if it's only one out of a hundred possible things, is better than doing nothing.

There are days when I have to just keep repeating to myself "something's better than nothing". Even if it's a small something.
I've been trying to keep in mind the lessons of my accumulated experience by asking myself, Which are you more likely to regret, doing this or not doing it? The annoying part is that I mostly don't think to ask that until after the decision is made and acted upon.... <_<