I am tyrannical in my poll options, aren't I. :P

Yah. I am sad we don't get to hang out this weekend, but hopefully next weekend will work out. Two snow storms on two consecutive weekends seems a bit unlikely for this area.
I just got back from shoveling. And for an area that was basically front porch, steps and bit of sidewalk in front, it felt like I shoveled for miles, there was so much snow! I barely got the door open, and then couldn't figure out where the damn steps started or ended XD Now that the initial shoveling's done, I'm feeling much more well disposed towards saying "we has snow :D" rather than thinking "we has snow D:" it's very pretty.
Yeah, it's pretty much the same here, although we have a driveway as well. I think dad's shoveling it right now and I'm being a bad child by lounging around in my pajamas.

I should probably stop doing that and go help.


It is pretty, isn't it? I'm planning on taking a ton of photos before it all gets spoiled.
I kind of dig the 'snowed in' aspect of storms such as yours vs, the we have some snow all the time here in Buffalo. I'm tired of almost rolling my ankles going to work everyday.

Yours is more postcard pretty :D
It was coming in over the tops of my rubber boots as I tromped around taking pictures. Can't remember the last time we had enough snow at once for that to happen--mostly we get an inch or so and it melts within a day or two. This is more fun. :D
...on the other hand, we sometimes have 70 degree weather! :D Flip-flop and cute skirt time!
*laughs hysterically for a minute at icon*

We get that every now and then in the dead of winter, which is a sure sign that the two weeks following will be about as cold, gray, damp, and generally miserable as possible.
I voted snow, but I kinda cheated--it's just the same old snow that's been hangin' out on the lawns for weeks. Very glad to hear you're enjoying your storm results, though!! The weather and news reports made the "storm of the century" sound pretty scary!
Hey, that counts!

We got not quite 12 inches of the predicted 24, so it was mostly just pretty. Everything's cleared up by now--roads dry, etc. Which means I have to go to work tomorrow. :P